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More Testimonials 

“Our two sons, ages 10 and 14, have had the privilege of playing and training with coach Thuto for the past two years. Both have gained valuable foot skills and have become better tactically and strategically. More importantly, he has helped them develop an greater love for the game of soccer. Coach Thuto has a gift for combining a warm and friendly manner with a disciplined approach to training his players. Coach Thuto is the complete coach, he teaches proper skill development, tactics and strategy, and always sets proper expectations for players and parents!

Mark and Pam Hawkins-Parents 

“Thuto has trained our son for two years, and it has been a great experience! Our son's technical skills, knowledge of the game and his level of confidence have greatly improved....and he is having fun! Thuto has a great personality, sense of humor and a calmness about that kids can really relate to. Our son looks forward to training, and thoroughly loves playing soccer largely because of Thuto”​
Sarah and Mark Cassol-Parents

 “Coach Thuto  has been a vital part of my son's growth as a soccer player for four years now. He possesses the unique ability to challenge kids with a focused discipline, while still retaining a positive nurtuting environment for kids of all ages.”​
Nate Jarrell -Parent

“Thuto is an excellent soccer coach/trainer who teaches young athletes to enjoy soccer. He conveys the rewards of teamwork, virtue of patience, power of kindness, worth of character, meaning of effort, important of practice and the joy of competition.


My ten year old looks forward to soccer training each week where he is continually taught soccer fundamentals, character development and great sportsmanship. Thuto communicates in a positive yet challenging manner at all times. Over the past two years, my son's soccer skills have improved greatly”​
Tomara Brown-Parent

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