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Skills & Scrimmages ( 6-14 yr olds)

Join us for one of our Skills & Scrimmages Summer Camp and develop of the key skills required to be a successful soccer player. This camp is designed for beginner and intermediate players looking for a fun camp with less numbers of players to really focus on developing all of the core skills. Players will spend the week with our highly experienced training staff, where they will be guided on our Kick Fit Soccer Training Curriculum.

Skills and Scrimmages teaches advanced skill building techniques such as 1v1 moves & dribbling, passing & receiving, ball control, shooting & finishing , as well as an introduction to goalkeeping. Each session is full of exciting and progressive activities which help players develop key fundamental skills by maximising the number of touches on the ball in each and every session. 

We focus on developing individual footwork skills for fast improvement as well team work skills for tactical awareness and overall improved soccer intelligence. Each session ends with a small sided scrimmage to allow players to express themselves by trying their new skills and to be creative without the fear of making mistakes or pressure of the score. This will allow them to gain the confidence to do it again and rapidly improve.

Skills & Scrimmages camp is week long Monday - Friday for 3 hours a day

Coming Summer 2020

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