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Skills & Scrimmages ( 6-14 yr olds)

Join us for one of our Skills & Scrimmages Summer Camp and develop of the key skills required to be a successful soccer player. This camp is designed for beginner and intermediate players looking for a fun camp with less numbers of players to really focus on developing all of the core skills. Players will spend the week with our highly experienced training staff, where they will be guided on our Kick Fit Soccer Training Curriculum.

Skills and Scrimmages teaches advanced skill building techniques such as 1v1 moves & dribbling, passing & receiving, ball control, shooting & finishing , as well as an introduction to goalkeeping. Each session is full of exciting and progressive activities which help players develop key fundamental skills by maximising the number of touches on the ball in each and every session. 

We focus on developing individual footwork skills for fast improvement as well team work skills for tactical awareness and overall improved soccer intelligence. Each session ends with a small sided scrimmage to allow players to express themselves by trying their new skills and to be creative without the fear of making mistakes or pressure of the score. This will allow them to gain the confidence to do it again and rapidly improve.

Skills & Scrimmages camp is week long Monday - Friday for 3 hours a day

Kick n' Play ( 3-5yr olds)

Designed for boys and girls aged 3 - 5, our Kick n' Play Soccer Skills Club is a fun training program which introduces all of the key skills of soccer in an environment which excites children and develops their interest in the game of soccer.

Kick n' Play Soccer Skills Club is the ultimate program for all aspiring young soccer players. Each class is action packed with fun games and activities that introduce the game of soccer in a fun and exciting environment that not only helps players develop new soccer skills but also nurtures their love for the game. Through the use of fun and silly games, we naturally incorporate exercise to increase the physical activity of each child as they begin to explore their own capabilities. All classes focus on developing soccer skills, motor skills, social skills, team spirit, and instilling self-confidence in a non-competitive atmosphere. 


Our coaches bring their knowledge, passion and high energy to every class.

Soccer is the fastest growing youth sport in the United States, don't let your son or daughter get left behind have them develop new skills and techniques working with our professional coaching staff.

Kick n' Play camps are week long Monday - Friday for 1.5hrs hours a day

Skillability Shooting & Finishing

Become more successful in and around the penalty area with our shooting and finishing program. Each sessions tests participants in a variety of different goal scoring situations and helps develop correct finishing technique.

Our Shooting and Finishing program is a unique training program which focuses on one of the most exciting and important aspects in the game of soccer - SCORING GOALS!

This training program will focus on all the key skills required to be a top goal scorer and will help players improve their finishing ability in all different situations.


Our shooting & finishing program is not just for strikers but for all players who want to improve their goal scoring ability. Each session players will spend time focusing on different aspects of shooting and finishing, with players being constantly challenged in a variety of situations in and around the penalty area.


If you are serious about improving your goal scoring ability and want to hit the target more this season then register today for the ultimate training program for all top strikers!

Week long camps Monday-  Friday 3 hours a day 


Elite Players Camp

This summer join us for our extended 20 hour Elite Player Skills Camps. Designed specifically for COMPETITIVE level players, participants will spend the week working with our highly trained and professional instructors developing all key individual skills and tactical concepts.

Each day participants will take part in various challenging training exercise designed to help players seriously develop their game. Activities will focus on developing advanced individual technical skills in a fast moving and engaging environment.

Areas of Focus

  • Dribbling - Developing combinations of advanced foot skills in tight spaces, under pressure and in outnumbered situations

  • Passing & Receiving - Developing a range of passing skills and the ability to receive the ball with different surfaces in high pressure situations.

  • Shooting & Finishing - Improving confidence in front of goal and the ability to finish from different angles with a range of surfaces.

  • Combination Play - Movement and combination options in small groups, speed of play, decision making.

  • Speed & Agility - activities to develop soccer specific speed, agility and to improve balance and coordination.

  • Tactical Concepts - During our extended week long programs players will also work through various tactical concepts related to game situations with larger numbers.

IMPORTANT - This program is designed for COMPETITIVE level players and we will be using a lot of fast moving training activities that require players have a good grasp of all basic skills and concepts within the game of soccer. If your child is not at this level yet please consider one of our other camps listed on this page. 


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