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Coming Spring 2020....

KFS 4v4 Leagues


January & February 2020

FRIDAY GAMES @ Mustang Soccer Complex



The 8 game Winter League will happen during the months of January and February 2019.  Each team and player will be guaranteed at least 8 games.  The league will take place on Friday afternoons.  All games will be played on turf and some games will be played under the lights, rain or shine.



Why Play 4v4 ? 


The 4v4 system accelerates development of technical ability and game intelligence. 


Small pictures are clearer for children; space and options are more compatible with their abilities. 4v4 is the smallest sided game you can have that has all the elements of a real soccer match without any of the confusions that surround learning to play soccer (football).


In a real soccer match children have the option of passing the ball forwards, square or backwards. Three children cannot do this because one of the directions will be missing. With five children the extra one duplicates one of the elements. He becomes “also wide, also deep or also back.” This “also” position clutters the picture.


4v4 provides the minimum numbers needed for all of the parts that make up a soccer game. One player is up top for penetration. Two are needed for width and one holds back to supply depth. In 4v4 the responsibilities are very clear. All tasks are covered and none are shared, which keeps things simple during soccer drills and match situations.

Most importantly, the 4v4 environment is fun with lots of goal scoring.


  • All games will be played on turf, rain or shine, at the Mustang Soccer Complex in Danville.

  • The season will be an 8 week season of 4v4 games.

  • Games will be played on Friday afternoons in January and February between 4:30 and 7:00pm.

  • The league coordinator will try to move games when a team has a conflict.

  • Ages: 2013 (U7), 2012 (U8), 2011 (U9), 2010 (U10), 2009 (U11), 2008 (U12), 2007 (U13), 2006 (U14), 2005 (U15), 2004 (U16), 2003 (U17), 2002 (U18), 2001 (U19) (based on current season of play)

  • There will be a Recreational Division and Competitive Division within the 4v4 League.

  • Teams can be made up of combined ages.

  • Teams don’t need to come from a sanctioned team or league and do not need player passes.

  • All 4v4 games will be 40 minutes - 20 minute halves with a 3 minute half time.

  • Each team will play at least 8 league games.



2020 4v4 League Dates

Friday - January 10

Friday - January 17

Friday - January 24

Friday - January 31

Friday - February 7

Friday - February 14

Friday - February 21

Friday - February 28





Teams $500 

Individual $125




How to sign up as an individual:

Visit the Mustang Soccer website.  

Click on Programs

Click on Apply for Mustang 2020 4v4 Winter League

Fill out all required fields.

Club and Team Name: Child’s First and Last Name

Age Group: Individual Registration

Notes: Type your child's DOB and the level you would like your child to play on (rec/competitive).

Submit application and pay by credit card. If your child is not placed on a team, you will be refunded. 

How to sign up as a team:

Visit the Mustang Soccer website. 

Click on Apply for Mustang 2020 4v4 Winter League

Fill out all required fields.

Pay by credit card

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